The Brand Journey

The Image Central Strategy

Planning is the important first move in the brand and graphic design process. Planning calls for strategy; strategy calls for expertise

The brand process

Brand Pyramid

Here’s how it works:
1. We find the facts by discussing your needs, your market, your aims and more
2. We build an ‘action pyramid’ to describe them and outline solutions for each
3. We utilise our ‘action pyramid’ to create a foundation to best communicate your brand, products and services

We’ll talk with you to discuss your branding needs.

This might be a one-to-one meeting, or you might want us to talk to a number of different members of your team. Developing a ‘feel’ for your business from the outset helps us design communications material that reflects the special qualities of your brand, service or product.

Our findings are broken down into a simple visual ‘action pyramid’ that is unique to your business.

It is an extremely valuable process and acts as a simple progress tool for you. 
Your pyramid will consist of several ‘building blocks’, each one a step towards your ultimate branding goal – the pyramid’s peak.

Strategy is a valuable first step, and crucial in the case of large or complex projects.

However, if your budget is limited, you may prefer to take your project straight to the design and marketing phases. We’re happy to do things that way. If you are in doubt about this, ask and we’ll give you reliable advice and the steps to move forward.

With the initial branding strategy and design complete, the focus turns to 
marketing. Now we’re into territory that can make or break your project.

Your new look has been established and it’s time to work out the best way of presenting to the people who matter – your customers.

We have extensive experience at guiding clients through this crucial phase of the branding journey: Step by creative step.

We don’t write formal marketing campaigns, we work alongside talented people who do, and we can give you a wealth of guidance including:

• discussing ways and means of marketing your business

• helping you establish your key markets

• helping you decide how you want to reach your key markets

• working with you to explore the demographics and discovering exactly how diverse your market is

• helping you plan the distribution of your new marketing material: if you’re rebranding, we can recommend ways of advising your clients of the change

We guide you with creative, practical, effective and economical ideas that can make all the difference to your marketing campaign.

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