Designing for Difference

Strategic thinking, graphic design and implementation on to various audience touch-points such as printed marketing material, signage and web design are some of the services we provide.


We will take you on a visual communications journey – a discovery of sorts to establish some core brand values, strategies to move forward with action plans and deliverables to aim for. This, in part, also helps us in formulating a creative brief for any design work which will need to visually communicate this strategic thinking.

Creative solutions

We’re happy to undertake any design project on your behalf: from the smallest logo upwards. Design is an integral part of the ImageCentral journey. Design is the key component of all our work. It’s fair to say we do everything by design, whether we’re taking a photo, mapping a website, creating a logo, planning a brochure or preparing a major exhibition. The right design for your brand is crucial. It’s your business in a nutshell. Get it wrong and it’s pointless. Get it right, and it gives you a significant edge.

Communication channels

Delivering your brand message is critical. We provide various channels to do just that – here are just some customer touchpoints: websites • brochures • logos • print design • business stationery • exhibitions • trade stands • advertisements • signs • design manuals • tender documents…and much more.

Design portfolio

Over the years we have had a range of projects and clients from one man businesses to small and medium corporates to international brand names – some of which are featured in the design section.

Visually speaking: image making photography

Photography Portfolio

Photography has also become an integral part of our business and also a necessary requirement for many of our clients who need images which resonates with their brand and vision.

Photography Awards

View some of our award winning photography.

Photography Workshops

We run beginners photography class for those who want to get more creative than point-and-shoot. Click icon above for more information.

We have also set up a photography Meetup Group –  dedicated to helping you get the best out of learning and developing your photography knowledge and skills.

Through active participation in the form of workshops, seminars, members exhibitions, field trips etc you will be armed with knowledge and better able to put into practice the things you have learned to create amazing images.

Meetup Group: ImageCentralnz – free membership – see link below:


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